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You Have Found The Best Child ID Card System In the Nation!
 "Great for Children, Teens, Adults and Senior Citizens"

We are pleased to offer you the nations most comprehensive digital fingerprinting child identification system. In creating EZ Child ID card program, we worked directly with police agencies and with National MasoniCHIP.  We have worked with law enforcement officials to ensure that our EZ Child ID digital fingerprinting system is up to their standards. We capture all the vital information required by the Amber Alert system. Our system produces a child ID card and child ID on USB.  Unlike our competition, our system even records a digital video with voice, and it is saved in digital avi format.  

EZ Child ID Software form includes all 10 fingerprints and is saved in the universal PDF format. The parent not only receives a printed EZ Child ID card and the EZ Child ID Kit form, but they also can get a USB with all the information on it. Our child id card program has been customized for the Masons CHIP Program so you know it is the best. To help protect from identity theft, the EZ Child ID Software Kit was written so that no information of the child is saved on the computer. Once you start over, all of the information is erased off the EZ Child ID system.  The parent is the only person who retains the data and the child id card.  This is the NEW STANDARD in child identification programs!  Our systems are currently deployed in ALL 50 States & Canada.  EZ Child ID has been chosen as the premier Child ID software system by the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Safe Surfin Foundation, US Military, Homeland  Security, New York Life, 18 Masonic Grand Lodges, Sheriff's departments and law enforcement agencies.  We are proud to announce the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children & Michigan State Police as our latest partners in child safety.  

Contact us today to get a personalized estimate for our EZ Child ID Kit.
This program is not for those who wish to sell the child id kits.  The EZ Child ID card and Child ID Data Sheet must be given FREE to the parents and children.  You do not have to be a 501C3, but you must not charge the families receiving the kits.  Ask about our law enforcement discounts.  We gladly accept Purchase Orders.

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NOTICE:  Like everyone else, we are concerned about the spread of the COVID-19 virus. If more than one person uses the same fingerprint reader, we recommend that you clean and disinfect the reader between users as instructed below.


Instructions in regards to cleaning our Futronic FS-80 Fingerprint scanners (All black Scanner)

If the surface is dirty, use a glass cleaner spray or wipe with a tissue, paper towel, or cloth dampened with a cleaning agent.
Spray or wet the surface with common household disinfectant.
Let the surface stay wet for as long as is recommended on the label of the disinfectant before wiping off or drying.

Notes:  You can safely use disinfectants, such as diluted bleach solutions, anti-microbial sprays and wipes, on our Futronic FS80 fingerprint readers without harming the sensor window because it is made of glass. However, the housing of the reader is made of plastic, which may be damaged if strong solvents, acids or caustic solutions are used. 
If using a detergent or soap solution to clean, apply it using paper towel or cloth. Squeeze out any excess liquid before cleaning the surface. Avoid pouring liquid directly onto the sensor or device.Type your paragraph here.


Digital Persona recommended cleaning method: (Discontinued scanner Black and Grey)

Apply the sticky side of a piece of scotch tape on the window and peel it away.
If necessary, gently dab the window (do not wipe) with a soft cloth (not paper) dampened with a mild ammonia-based glass cleaner to remove any milky haze.



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Our customers agree that this is the best child identification software program.  EZ Child ID Software is copyrighted and our EZ Child ID System is a registered trademark.   We have made every attempt to make this site accurate.  EZ Child ID Software does not make any claims that our EZ Child ID software will work with every computer system.  EZ Child ID produces the best EZ Child ID Kit.  You can have 1 or 2 EZ Child ID Kits produced.  This software was designed in cooperation with the Masons and the Michigan Masonic Lodge.  Currently EZ Child ID is being used by the Georgia Masons CHIP program, Maryland CHIP, Ontario Masonichip, Kansas Masons CHIP program, Maine Masons CHIP program, Michigan Masons CHIP program, Nebraska Masons CHIP program, New York Masons CHIP program, South Dakota Masons and Oklahoma Masons CHIP program, as well as, a multitude of police departments.  Our easy to use system has identified well over 100,000 children.  Our easy to use child id software has been written in accordance with the Amber Alert System.  We believe that this is the easiest to use and most affordable child id software package on the market.  Many of the events where our easy to use child id software are used, are free.  We encourage anyone who has an interest in child identification to try our easy to use EZ Child ID software program.