Every day 2000 children are reported missing. Every year 200,000 children are taken by family members. 58,000 children are victims of non-family abductions. The key to recovering these children is quick action by parents and law enforcement. A statistic by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children states that “the first 2 hours after a child is abducted are the most critical.” 

Why the EZ Child ID Card System?
That is why we are pleased to offer you the nations most comprehensive digital fingerprinting child identification system. EZ Child ID has worked directly with the National MasoniCHIP foundation in developing our software. We have worked with law enforcement officials to ensure that our digital fingerprinting system is up to their standards. We have taken it one step further and included a digital fingerprint analysis software package to make sure all the necessary“ points” on a fingerprint are obtained. We ensure that we capture all the vital information required by the Amber Alert system. Unlike our competition, our system even records a digital video with voice which is saved in digital avi format. Our EZ Child ID card form includes all 10 fingerprints and is saved in the universal PDF format. The parent not only receives printed an EZ Child ID card, they may also get a USB thumb drive or CD with all the information on it. This allows the parent the opportunity to reprint the EZ Child ID card and form at home if they desire. To help protect from identity theft, our software was written so that no information from the child is saved on the computer. Once you start over, all of the data is permanently erased. The parent is the only person who retains their child’s information.

Why go to this extent?
All of this technology aids in the reporting time if a child is abducted. 
The parent can take the USB thumb drive or CD to a police department to be downloaded, 
or they could even email the form to them. There is no other system in the
country that is as comprehensive as the EZ Child ID kit. To make it even better, the system comes completely assembled and can be set up in under 30 seconds! 

Easy to Use:
Our EZ Child ID System was developed from the ground up with “Technology Made Simple” as our motto. We designed our software, so that with only 5 minutes of training anyone can use it. We have a quality data check list which verifies that you have completed each step correctly. There is also an easy to use step by step instruction booklet included with every machine. Because we wrote the software for actual child id events, we have also included helpful tips to ensure your success. 

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Our customers agree that this is the best child identification software program.  EZ Child ID Software is copyrighted and our EZ Child ID System is a registered trademark.   We have made every attempt to make this site accurate.  EZ Child ID Software does not make any claims that our EZ Child ID software will work with every computer system.  EZ Child ID produces the best EZ Child ID Kit.  You can have 1 or 2 EZ Child ID Kits produced.  This software was designed in cooperation with the Masons and the Michigan Masonic Lodge.  Currently EZ Child ID is being used by the Georgia Masons CHIP program, Maryland CHIP, Ontario Masonichip, Kansas Masons CHIP program, Maine Masons CHIP program, Michigan Masons CHIP program, Nebraska Masons CHIP program, New York Masons CHIP program, South Dakota Masons and Oklahoma Masons CHIP program, as well as, a multitude of police departments.  Our easy to use system has identified well over 100,000 children.  Our easy to use child id software has been written in accordance with the Amber Alert System.  We believe that this is the easiest to use and most affordable child id software package on the market.  Many of the events where our easy to use child id software are used, are free.  We encourage anyone who has an interest in child identification to try our easy to use EZ Child ID software program.